Our programs

Socio-economic empowerment

This program intends to support youth initiatives towards creation of income generating activities. It especially supports youth economic cooperatives and helps in youth networking. The program also aims at organizing trainings on entrepreneurship and project management for youth groups, mainly since it is designed to help them attend vocational trainings which help their personal and professional development.

Organizational capacity building

To support the implementation of its activities and to ensure effective running of the organizational coordination, RYVC train its volunteers on leadership skills, lobbying and advocacy skills, project design and management, resources mobilization and board development.

Human right and Peace

Rwanda has been destroyed by the 1994 genocide against Tutsi in all aspects especially the social aspect. As a young generation, we want that this never happens again in our country or anywhere else in the world. This program aims at supporting human rights and peace clubs in secondary schools with knowledge sharing, as it also provides workshops and training for them. It also intends to organize debates in higher learning institutions and even among our volunteers so that we can promote human right and peace.

Health and Education

This program aims at organizing community outreach sessions so that RCVP can raise awareness of the community on how to prevent diseases. It focuses mainly on HIV/AIDS and other Sexual Transmitted Diseases, Reproductive health and family planning, Malaria, Tuberculosis, malnutrition and hygiene.

This program has a part of capacity building for our volunteers because prior to implementing a project, they need to have undergone through a series of trainings in order to acquire specific knowledge which they will eventually disseminate in the community.

Environmental conservation

Nowadays, there is rapid change in climate which is thought to be influenced by human actions. The program aims at conserving our environment by planting trees and improving school gardens so that we may be able to prevent the erosion. In this regard we support high schools and primary schools based environmental clubs through trainings and workshops.

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