About Us

Our Vision

"A safe, developed Rwanda where an empowered young people participating in governance and development processes can realize their full potential."

Our Mission

To build, empower and sustain a vibrant youth network through advocacy, coordination and capacity building by means of available resources as well as soliciting funds to realize the organization’s objectives.

Our Objectives

Creating opportunities for youth and other underprivileged groups to access resources for formal and informal education, practical skills training, appropriate technologies, and economic development.

Mobilizing local and international partners to provide access to livelihood enhancement resources, to ensure sustainable social and economic development of rural communities.

Improve the knowledge of the target community on preventive health issues, nutrition and family planning.

Promote human right and peace among Rwandese especially young generation

Initiate, facilitate and promote income generating schemes in the communities.

Educating local and international students on development aid aspects, interdisciplinary and basic health care.

Transforming youths in creating market and unleashing entrepreneurship.

Mobilizing youths to participate in malaria, HIV/AIDs, TB, environmental management and anti drug abuse programs.

Our values

•Transparency and accountability

•Team work and volunteers

•Work on professionalism

•Sustainable development

•Interdisciplinary collaboration

•Intersectorial approach

•Practical experience in development work and project management

•Gender sensitive approach

•Cultural exchange
"Together we can make a change"
Rwanda Youth Voice for Change

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